All Sons & Daughters

The story of All Sons & Daughters begins with David Leonard wanting to spend less time traveling and more of it in real relationship with his local faith community. After experiencing the music business rush with bands Jackson Waters and NEEDTOBREATHE, David felt called to write songs for the Franklin, Tennessee congregation to which he and his wife belong. His pastor introduced David to Leslie Jordan, then a member of the church’s creative team, realizing that the two shared a vision to foster authentic connections in the church through a transparent form of worship. Adopting the name All Sons & Daughters in reference to each other and the listeners who are vital to this active fellowship process, the two recorded three EPs (Brokenness Aside/Reason to Sing/The Longing) and four full-length albums (Poets & Saints/All Sons & Daughters/All Sons & Daughters: Live/ Season One). Their label, Integrity Music, also released The All Sons & Daughters Collection to celebrate the GRAMMY nominated duet’s seven years of recording together.



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