Here Be Lions

Here Be Lions, headed up by Dustin Smith, is a worship team that aims to minister through their music. The goal is to create music that welcomes the Power and Presence of God, because that is what truly changes lives.

The name "Here Be Lions" comes from an old tradition: When men first mapped out the world, they marked unknown and dangerous territory with a symbol saying “Here Be Lions.” It was a warning, for fear of the unknown and what may be there. But what was marked as a warning for them has become a beacon for us. There are places in you that are overlooked and ignored, callings that have gone unsearched and resources that have been untapped. We want to find those people, and help those people find the uncharted places within themselves.

Music is a tool that God has given us, not just to feel better about ourselves, but to spearhead a revolution. Let's push the limits of the status quo and together, prove that the voice of God's people is mighty and powerful. We are creating a movement and an attitude that God is moving and He IS using His people. YOU are the risk takers, YOU are the history makers, YOU are the lions...and together we will change the world.



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