Best-Loved Songs From Paul Baloche Now Available On Ultimate Collection

Every believer has signposts for the journey in faith. For worship leader Paul Baloche, that journey is marked by songs, personal prayers that have become global anthems for Christians from all walks of life. Now, 15 of this Dove Award winning songwriter’s most loved compositions will be available with the release of Paul Baloche Ultimate Collection, available everywhere Christian music is sold beginning February 16.

“Songwriting is a big part of my spiritual life,” Paul shares. “It helps me go deeper with God… helps me fix my mind on Jesus, to set my mind on things above. It keeps my heart fresh and alive, for myself, my family and the church.”

And the church has responded to this “worship pastor of worship pastors” whose songs have been featured on recordings by Matt Redman, Michael W. Smith, Casting Crowns and Phillips Craig & Dean to name but a few. Paul is one of the contemporary church’s most acclaimed songwriters, penning standards such as “Hosanna (Praise is Rising),” “Our God Saves,” “Your Name,” “Glorious,” “Above All” and “Open the Eyes of My Heart.” In short, Paul writes songs that the whole church sings.

“When I’m writing songs,” he explains, “I think, ‘Will this help the church worship God? Will this help people connect with Him?’. I realize that I’m putting words into the mouths of God’s people. I’m giving them a vocabulary to sing back to God. And when they sing those words, hopefully it will act as a catalyst in their hearts… because when we sing something, it goes down deep into our soul.”

The songs featured on Paul Baloche Ultimate Collection are as follows:

  1. “Our God Saves”
  2. “Open The Eyes Of My Heart”
  3. “King Of Heaven”
  4. “Your Name”
  5. “Above All”
  6. “Hosanna (Praise Is Rising)”
  7. “Glorious”
  8. “Your Mercy”
  9. “Once For All”
  10. “My Hope”
  11. “Today Is The Day”
  12. “Found In You”
  13. “The Same Love”
  14. “Offering”
  15. “What Can I Do”

In addition to being a prolific songwriter, Paul has developed a variety of resource videos for worship teams and he facilitates LeadWorship training workshops around the world. His critically-acclaimed recordings include Your Mercy, The Same Love, Christmas Worship (Volumes 1&2 and Live From London), Our God Saves, A Greater Song and the French albums Glorieux and Ovuvre Les Yeux De Mon Coeur. He is also the author of the books God Songs: How to Write and Select Songs for Worship and The Same Love: A Devotion. Additional information is available at and or by following Paul on Twitter and Instagram @paulbaloche.

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