Here Be Lions Releases Debut Album Only A Holy God To Global Audience, Critical Acclaim

Fresh from a ministry trip to Hydrabad, India, Nashville-based collective Here Be Lions releases its debut album, Only A Holy God, to a global audience. The project, which is already drawing critical acclaim, is filled with 12 scripture-based songs of reverence and repentance inspired by the salvation and healing that can only be found in a holy God.

Working with producer Jacob Sooter (Vertical Worship), Here Be Lions recorded Only A Holy God live with guest vocalist Amanda Kinner and a small group of worshipers at Weston Barn near Kansas City, Missouri. The team, led by pastor and worship leader Dustin Smith (“God Who Moves The Mountains”/“Miracles”), has begun sharing stories behind the project, including two testimonies related to the songs “Power When We Worship” and “Belong To You (Enemy Can't)” with more planned in the coming weeks. They have also begun releasing lyric and live videos from the recording, including "Power When We Worship", "Only A Holy God" and “Belong To You (Enemy Can't)" with song-based devotionals now available through YouVersion and

CCM Magazine calls Only A Holy God, “thought-provoking, heart-warming and spirit centering” and says it is “nearly impossible not to sing along” while Worship Musician magazine adds that the songs were “written with the local church in mind” and calls out “Miracles” and “God, Would You Forgive Us?” as the stand-out tracks. NewReleaseToday says Only A Holy God is “full of gems for corporate worship” and that “each song facilitates a conversation of prayer and praise with God.” notes that the album delivers “songs that prick our souls to repentance in the face of our holy God” and Today’s Christian Entertainment describes HBL’s debut as a “foray into the wild unknown, a journey we’re invited to share... Miracles and adventure can’t be far behind.”

Both a worship band and a ministry collective, Here Be Lions takes its name from the ancient mapping tradition in which explorers marked unknown, dangerous territory with a symbol and the phrase “Here Be Lions.” Originally meant as a warning, the phrase has become a call for the Here Be Lions team to advance God’s kingdom and authority through outreaches that focus on discipleship, music and community by serving individuals, families and churches.

The Here Be Lions worship team includes Dustin Smith on keys and lead vocals along with his wife, Jeanna, on vocals, James Galbraith on electric guitar and vocals, Garner McGregor on acoustic guitar, Jordan Clause on bass and Jeremy Weedman on drums. For more information on the music and ministry of Here Be Lions, including spring/summer events, visit and Facebook/HereBeLions. Follow them on Instagram @therealherebelions and on Twitter @herebelions. For song/worship resources for Only A Holy God, visit

Here Be Lions Only A Holy God Final Cover 1500x1500

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