Integrity Music Welcomes Alisa Turner

Photo (l-r): Mike Murray (Sr. Director of Creative), Michael Farren (Producer, Songwriter), Wisdom Moon (Sr. Marketing Manager, Integrity), Adrian Thompson (VP, Song & Artist Development, Integrity), Lani Crump (Manager)

Integrity is honored to welcome worship leader, songwriter and artist Alisa Turner and to announce the forthcoming release of her self-titled debut EP in late August. Singing since childhood, the piano has been Alisa’s meeting place with God, where she lays everything – joy, heartache, pain and hope – at the altar. Her life has not been an easy one, from overcoming years of debilitating illness, to losing her infant son. She takes these experiences and pours them into eloquent, psalm-like piano driven melodies. It’s been an uphill battle, but giving up is not an option for Alisa who is following in her worship leader dad’s footsteps.

“I think the Lord created me this way, drawn in by the emotion that comes with music,” Alisa says. “When I sit down at the piano, He always uses it to draw me back, to awaken the dreamer, and I always leave different than when I came. I leave knowing He sees me, He is with me, He is my hope.”

“There is something so captivating and authentic about Alisa… she embodies the spirit of the Psalms, singing with a pure, raw heart that is chasing after God,” says Adrian Thompson, Integrity’s Vice President of Song & Artist Development. “When you hear her story and what she has been through, you’re struck by the fact that there is always a ‘but God is faithful’ moment in every situation. I believe Alisa will encourage people to fully enter into worship no matter where they are in life… reminding us that we’re all invited to the throne, whether we’re filled with joy or we’re barely hanging on.”

Alisa has worked with producers Robbie Seay, Don Chaffer (Waterdeep) and songwriter Cary Barlowe (Carrie Underwood/Lady Antebellum). She has toured and shared stages with Brandon Heath, Michael Gungor and Tenth Avenue North and her music was used on the FOX series “So You Think You Can Dance,” catapulting her to No. 1 on iTunes.

Alisa appears on the All About Worship album My Pursuit and is working with Dove Award winning songwriter, producer and AAW president Michael Farren on the Alisa Turner EP.

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