Integrity Music Welcomes David and Nicole Binion

Shown left-to-right are: Integrity’s Adrian Thompson, David Binion, Nicole Binion and Integrity’s Cole Flynn and Mike Murray.

Integrity Music welcomes renowned worship leaders David and Nicole Binion and announces the August release of the husband/wife ministry team’s new live album, Dwell, recorded at TBN studios in Dallas, Texas.

Married for 24 years, the Binions have been in ministry together for almost as long, working with a myriad of artists, evangelists and organizations representing the global church. Recently, David and Nicole launched Dwell Ministries, pursuing a long-held dream to mentor and train a new generation of worshipers, worship leaders and church creatives.

For their new Dwell album, the Binions and special guests share live versions of worship favorites along with new songs, all recorded live from TBN Dallas where David and Nicole guest host TBN’s flagship “Praise!” program. While working on the project, the Binions have also been busy hosting “Dwell Nights” of worship across the U.S. and abroad while planting Dwell Church in Dallas. For more information, visit

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