Integrity, WFX Partner For WeAreWorship Conference Oct. 11-12

Worship and Team Training with Paul Baloche, Michael Farren, Travis Ryan, Alisa Turner, Dustin Smith, Covenant Worship

Integrity Music and its worship resource platform,, are partnering with The Worship Facilities Conference and Expo (WFX) to produce the WeAreWorship Conference at WFX 2017 October 11-12 in Dallas, Texas. The WeAreWorship Conference is designed to offer in-depth training for worship teams as they expand their skill sets and rediscover their passion as trusted leaders, including Paul Baloche and Michael Farren, pour into their ministries.

“Worship leaders and their teams rarely get the chance to just come into the sanctuary and worship because they’re busy putting it all together,” says Baloche who has 20-plus years of experience as a worship pastor. “This will be a time of refreshing where they’re not responsible for anything… those of us who seek to inspire our local congregations week after week, and help them express worship to the Lord, have to stay inspired ourselves.”

Paul, Michael, Alisa Turner, Travis Ryan, Covenant Worship, Dustin Smith and Corey Voss will lead worship throughout the two-day event and, Paul will deliver the opening keynote address at WFX. Keynote addresses within the WeAreWorship Conference portion of the Expo will be delivered by Michael, a worship pastor and Grammy Award nominated songwriter, and Travis, a worship pastor and Dove Award nominated songwriter.

These leaders and others, including Prestonwood Baptist’s Michael Neale, will facilitate sessions such as: • Discovering the Pastoral DNA of a Worship Songwriter • Leading Through Transitions and Change • How to Worship With Generational and Cultural Diversity • Release the Hidden Creativity that God has for Your Church • Worship with Multitracks: How to Use Technology to Enhance Your Worship Services

“There will be great insights and practical teaching, but also emphasis on the spiritual implications,” says Michael Farren. “What does it mean to be pastoral? There will be a loud call to think about why we do what we do.”

In addition to corporate worship opportunities during the Expo and WeAreWorship Conference, a special Night of Worship with a time for shared communion will be held offsite at Covenant Church on Oct. 11 at 7pm.

WFX Expo and WeAreWorship Conference details are available at and WeAreWorship with special registration pricing available for students and groups. For more information, contact WFX at 1-800-598-6031.

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