New Book, Missing Jewel, Chronicles UK Worship Movement

A. W. Tozer famously described worship as “the missing jewel of the evangelical church.” Since he penned those words in 1961, there has been an explosion of musical and lyrical creativity in churches across the United Kingdom.

From encountering God in house churches to declaring His praise in stadiums, contemporary worship has transformed the British Church and spread across the world.

Integrity Music team member Les Moir, who is based at our Eastbourne office, had a front row seat for much of this time. Recording, producing and playing on landmark albums as well as shaping significant songs from three generations of worship leaders, including: Matt Redman, Martin Smith, Tim Hughes and Graham Kendrick.

In Missing Jewel, Les tells this story using his own experiences and inspiring, first-hand accounts of the many musicians, songwriters and church leaders who found themselves part of a journey that continues to bless new generations of believers. “Fascinating stories of people I never knew were part of the worship movement… great job honoring those who laid the foundation for what we take for granted these days,” says worship leader and Dove Award winning songwriter Paul Baloche of the book.

Australian worship leader and pastor Darlene Zschech adds, “The global church is far richer for the UK worship movement, who have led the way for my generation in every facet of worship ministry, seen and unseen, and I will ever be grateful.” For more information, watch Missing Jewel.

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