New Instrumental Series With Debut Album Still: Volume 1 Featuring Indie UK Band Rivers & Robots

Integrity Music announces the January 13 release of Still: Volume 1, the debut album in a new instrumental series
that will feature guest “artist-producers,” giving each project its own unique aesthetic. Guest producers for Still:Volume 1, which was recorded in various locations in the UK and mastered at the legendary Abbey Road Studios,are the acclaimed Manchester, UK-based independent band Rivers & Robots.

Still is emotive and reminiscent of a film score, combining strings, brass elements and electronic instrumentation,making it an ideal backdrop for moments of prayer and meditation for individuals and churches. The tracklistincludes new interpretations of worship songs from artists and writers including Martin Smith, Brenton Brown,John Mark McMillan and Matt Redman as well as original compositions from Rivers & Robots. From creating anatmosphere for soaking prayer, to offering a sonic oasis during the rush hour commute, the album calls listeners tostill their hearts before God.

“When Integrity Music asked us if we'd like to produce the first in their series of instrumental worship albumscalled ‘Still,’ we jumped at the opportunity,” says Rivers & Robots frontman Jonathan Ogden. “As guys who lovelistening to instrumental music in those times of prayer and meditating on the Bible, we were excited by theopportunity to create that kind of album.

”We put some bare-bones ideas together over a few days and then set about recording it, working through eachinstrument, starting with drums, bass, guitars, piano and then extra layers like synths, strings, brass andpercussion,” explains Ogden. “Every day we started with prayer, to ask God for inspiration and creativity, and tomake sure that everything we played was done as an act of worship. Often worship songs are defined by theirlyrics, but we're firm believers that any form of art can be worship.

Still: Volume 1 will be available globally beginning January 13. For more information on Rivers & Robots, visit

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