New Wine Worship Celebrates The Transformational Work Of Christ With You Restore My Soul

Integrity Music announces the release of You Restore My Soul, a live album from New Wine Worship and the New Wine family of churches within the United Kingdom.

Inspired by Psalm 23, You Restore My Soul is a celebration and promise of the ongoing, transformational work of Christ. Recorded at three different church locations and featuring six worship leaders, the project is filled with songs of exhortation, praise and tender moments of worship that reflect the Christ-focused, Spirit-driven culture of New Wine congregations.

“You lift my head, You wipe my tears, You restore my soul…”

The project, which was produced by Trevor Michael & Willie Weeks, includes 10 tracks recorded at Trinity Cheltenham, Saint Phillip’s Salford and All Saints Woodford Wells, along with a bonus, acoustic version of the title track.

With a focus on “enabling church leaders to communicate effectively the good news of God's promises,” New Wine seeks to help churches demonstrate God’s love in a way that acknowledges existing culture and blesses and benefits their local community and beyond. New Wine Worship is one of the church network’s ministry outreaches and is committed to encouraging, resourcing and commissioning their local congregations and the larger Body of Christ.

“God is worthy of worship simply because of who He is,” says Paul Harcourt, National Leader for New Wine England and vicar at All Saints’ Woodford Wells. “He’s worthy of worship even more for what He’s done for us through Jesus. And yet, there are still countless reasons to praise Him! He never stops loving us and He never ceases to pour out blessings upon us. As we worship, He quiets, comforts and shapes us. He fills us and sends us...He restores our souls!”

The Reverend Harcourt adds that New Wine hopes You Restore My Soul will help, “get our eyes off everything else and get them back on Jesus…He’s the only one who can satisfy, He’s the only one who can set us free and make us new.”

You Restore My Soul is available through all major digital platforms and Christian music outlets with related song/worship resources available to churches and worship teams through

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