Soul Survivor Worship Pastor Tom Smith Opens Up About The Inspiration Behind New EP, Everyday

Integrity Music recently released Everyday, a new EP from recording artist and Soul Survivor worship pastor Tom Smith, that reflects what God has been doing over the past two years at Soul Survivor events around the world.

The six-track, studio-recorded Everyday was produced by Jimmy James and Ben Cantelon and features songs penned by Tom and writers Nick Herbert, Jimmy James, Phil Wickham and Tim Hughes.

“We’ve seen salvation springing up,” says Tom, “and one of our natural responses is to burst with praise and thanksgiving. This is how the song ‘You In My Life’ was written… it’s for the person who has just given his life to Jesus. A declaration that nothing is impossible with Christ.”

Tom says most of the songs on Everyday started out during times of worship when he and the team would sing out praises and prayers. An example is the track “Jesus I Love You,” which he traces back to a 2016 Soul Survivor event in Holland.

Recalling the moment, Tom says: “We were in a deep place of worship and you could feel the kindness of God in the room. As a response, I started to sing out a little line saying, ‘Jesus I love You, every breath within me sings I love You.’ And then as I backed away from the microphone, the congregation started to join in, singing out ‘Jesus I Love You’ over and over again, some weeping, all with no music in the background… the Holy Spirit was leading us in worship.”

Tom adds that his own favorite song is the title track. “‘Everyday’ is an honest prayer about how we stumble – sometimes time after time – and as we come back, we are amazed by Jesus’ grace for us. No matter how far we may run or hide, He still waits for us and welcomes us back with open arms.”

Everyday is available through all major digital service platforms with song resources available at

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