WeAreWorship Launches “Songs of the City” Events for Worship Leaders, Songwriters, Pastors…

WeAreWorship, the international worship resource platform and online community, announces a spring “Songs of the City” tour in partnership with local churches in 11 U.S. cities for worship leaders, musicians, creatives and pastors. The one-day events are designed to discover and celebrate the unique song, sound and story within each community.

“We believe God is doing something remarkable in local churches,” says Jonathan Brown, president of Integrity Music, a ministry partner of WeAreWorship. “And we want to help them press into that by throwing gasoline on the fire of what God has already started as they develop their own sound, learn to share their stories and build relationships across communities… to encourage the Church to become a ‘kingdom of priests’ again, a community that is marked by His presence where everyone has a part to play.”

Malcolm Du Plessis, a founder of the Common Hymnal collective, also a WeAreWorship ministry partner, adds: “Of the 200 songs that proliferate Christianity broadly, 70 percent of those songs were written by only 18 people. But our worship should be informed by what God is doing in every town, city and neighborhood. We want to help churches find their voice and cross-pollinate songs across communities.”

WeAreWorship launches the first “Songs of the City” event in Nashville on April 27, followed by stops in Missouri, Nebraska, Minnesota, Tennessee, Alabama, Virginia, West Virginia and Indiana between May 15-26. Each event will include a series of TED-styled talks, panel and group discussions, and a collaborative songwriting exercise followed by acoustic worship with local musicians and the WeAreWorship team. The team is composed of worship leaders, songwriters and pastors including Michael Farren, Dustin Smith, Alisa Turner and Corey Voss from WeAreWorship and Brittney Spencer, Malcolm du Plessis and Dee Wilson from Common Hymnal. For more information, visit https://weareworshipevents.com/events.

The “Songs of the City” spring tour schedule is:

May 15 – Joplin, Missouri – Victory Sports Complex May 16 – Omaha, Nebraska – The Living Room May 17 – Spring Lake Park (Minneapolis), Minnesota – Emmanuel Christian Center May 18 – Kansas City, Missouri – El Torreon KC May 19 – Hammond, Indiana (Chicago, IL) – Christian Life Center May 22 – Chattanooga, Tennessee – City Church May 23 – Birmingham, Alabama – Bridge Street May 24 – Norfolk/Virginia Beach, Virginia – Collector Norfolk May 25 – Huntington, West Virginia – New Life Church May 26 – Fort Wayne, Indiana – Sweetwater

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