Worship Leader Chris Sayburn’s "Saved By Grace" Available July 21

Integrity Music announces the July 21 global release of Saved By Grace, the solo debut from U.K. based worship leader and curate Chris Sayburn.

Chris’ name may be new to many worship music fans, but his U.K. and European mates know him well. In addition to leading New Wine Worship, the worship ministry for the New Wine fellowship of churches, Chris has been writing for and collaborating on Integrity Music projects for several years. This includes his work on New Wine’s last albums Wildfire and Simple Pursuit.

With Saved By Grace, Chris and producer Ben Cantelon (Worship Central) deliver 10 new songs including cowrites with Ben (“Saviour of the World”), Nick Herbert (“The Way”) and Brenton Brown (“Everlasting God”) among others.

But good songs with catchy melodies are not the end game for Chris, who serves as curate for St. Philips Chapel Street in Salford, Manchester.

“Many songs have played an important part in certain seasons in my life,” says Chris. “It would be a blessing to hear if just one song impacts someone to keep going, keep loving and following Jesus… this would be worth all the effort.”

“My benchmark for success is that the album adds value in serving the Church,” he continues. “I already know God loves my songs… He loves all our songs of worship whether they are on albums or not! But my desire is to write songs that the local Church can get hold of and use.”

Saved By Grace will available through all major digital service providers and streaming platforms beginning July 21 with an acoustic video for the song "Nothing But Grace" available now at YouTube.

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