We’re excited to announce that Lincoln Brewster’s brand new album, Oxygen, is now available for pre-order!

Bursting with big, faith-filled anthems, Oxygen delivers songs that drive us to our knees in worship and songs that make us sing out loud in praise.

And now you can be one of the first to pre-order Oxygen! Head over to While you’re there, go ahead and check out some of the videos and resources that are available. The album releases on August 19th, so make sure to check back often as we add more content to the site.

We hope this album inspires and encourages you. Enjoy!

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Paul-Wilbur_Coleccion_IM_Post_630x410Award winning Messianic worship leader Paul Wilbur has recorded albums in six languages, sharing a Christ-focused message that reaches beyond cultural, social and political borders. Whether he’s leading worship in front of thousands in the Middle East, singing to packed soccer stadiums throughout Latin America, or bringing his anointed message directly to the people of Israel, Paul’s distinctive songs of praise and worship have reached millions across the planet. The Paul Wilbur Collection (titled “Colección”) pulls together some of Paul’s biggest hits like Days of Elijah (Dias de Elias), Adonai, Dance With Me (Conmigo Danza) and many more.


Shout Praises Kids! Canta Al Señor is a stellar collection of the best worship songs from the award winning Shout Praises Kids! series that has sold over 1 million albums. Shout Praises Kids! (SPK) has become the world’s top selling kid’s worship brand for good reason. Every project is full of great music, lot’s of fun, and most importantly… Real worship that the whole family can enjoy.  Shout Praises Kids! Canta Al Señor features 15 kids worship classics including exciting new songs that truly make it a must-have collection! Kids are sure to love it… and parents will love it even more!


The Community Conference

Community-Conf_IM-POST_630x410Worship Leaders & Pastors, join us September 26 at The Factory in Franklin, TN for The Community Conference!

WHAT: A gathering where people in ministry — pastors, worship leaders, church staff members and devoted volunteers alike — forge real relationships, find encouragement, encounter God together and build unity through the Word & Worship.

WHY: People in ministry, just like the rest of humanity, are in need of real relationships. We all crave shared experiences that are meaningful connections with people who share the same heart… for Jesus, for people and for the Church. This is only possible in community.

To Learn More or to Register Now, Visit


“Kingdom” from Covenant Worship was produced by multiple GRAMMY Award winner Israel Houghton, who also was integral in crafting the album’s songs alongside the Covenant team. The album features Covenant worship leaders David Binion, Nicole Binion, Colin Edge and Josh DuFrene with guest vocals from Israel Houghton. Covenant Worship is a group of worshippers who share a focused passion to see God’s Kingdom realized in the earth. Blending sounds and styles of every color, age, and genre, Covenant is a powerhouse of songwriting and music production that reflects the diversity of God’s people. With powerful songs and relevant production, Covenant Worship is an outstanding source of music for the church today.

About The Church:
Covenant Church began over 30 years ago, when Pastors Mike and Kathy Hayes heard a clear calling from God to plant a church in Dallas. Since then, it’s grown both in numbers and influence to become a pioneering church of teaching and ministry for the body of Christ. Covenant continues to change lives for Christ and train believers to walk in the calling that God has given them. David and Nicole Binion serve as the senior worship pastors of Covenant and are joined by worship leaders Josh DuFrene and Colin Edge who are also part of Covenant’s songwriting team. Covenant Worship is a product of cutting edge music and life-changing revelation from God, creating something new that is transforming hearts and lives everywhere.


Led by Pastors Russell and Sam Evans, Planetshakers is the fastest growing church in Australia! Planetshakers has carved out a unique space in the worshipping community through songs of energetic celebration and passionate worship. Due to the overwhelming global demand for their music in Spanish, we are releasing Nada es Imposible, a collection of Planetshakers’ top songs.

Integrity Music announces today the upcoming global release of the highly-anticipated worship album, Kingdom, from Covenant Worship, the dynamic music ministry of Dallas, TX-based Covenant Church.  Set to release July 1, this will be Covenant Church’s second recording released internationally in partnership with Integrity Music. The full record will also be available to stream exclusively for a limited time through beginning June 24.

Recorded live at Covenant Church, a 10,000 member, multi-cultural and multi-campus congregation led by Pastors Mike and Kathy Hayes, Kingdom features Covenant’s choir and worship team led by worship pastors David and Nicole Binion. Kingdom also features Covenant worship leaders Joshua Defrene and Colin Edge and guest vocals from five-time GRAMMY Award winner, Israel Houghton, who produced the project and co-wrote eight of the album’s tracks.

The Covenant Worship team explains the journey that led to their latest album, Kingdom:

Our Senior Pastor Mike Hayes was talking about getting to a new place with God—a place that’s more than simply a restoration of how things used to be…some place entirely new, a place of creativity and breakthrough that will flow out from our church here in Dallas, TX and affect the nations. The words that he shared in our church got us all thinking, and over the days and weeks that followed, we found that we’re talking about something that we call a ‘kingdom renaissance.’ In time, these prayers and conversations became an album – called Kingdom.

We talk about the way that the Renaissance represented a wave of new art, literature and ideas that shifted a culture from the old world into the new.   It’s that very word – ‘renaissance’ – that jumps inside us. Pretty soon we’re finding that new songs are unleashed, and our church is being taken to an exciting new place in our worship… The result? A collection of songs that aim to take the people of God to a new mindset, a new plane as the body of Christ. The simple, beautiful, life-changing truth is that God has a great plan in mind for His people. He always has, and He always does. The church of Jesus Christ now lives in a world of dramatic and rapid change, and God is giving us creative ideas that the world will look to for direction and inspiration. This is the heartbeat of our church, and the heartbeat of the ‘kingdom renaissance.’

Capturing the live worship experience at Covenant Church, Kingdom introduces 12 new songs, including the title track, plus the exclusive bonus song, “I Am Loved Medley,” to be released as part of the digital album.

The complete Kingdom song and worship leader listing follows:

  1. New Every Morning (feat. David Binion and Joshua Dufrene)
  2. Risen (feat. Nicole Binion and Israel Houghton)
  3. Good To Me (feat. Colin Edge and Joshua Dufrene)
  4. Can’t Stop Singing (feat. Nicole Binion, Joshua Dufrene and Israel Houghton)
  5. Let The Name of Jesus Reign (feat. Colin Edge)
  6. Kingdom Come (feat. David Binion, Nicole Binion and Joshua Dufrene)
  7. More Holy Spirit (feat. Joshua Dufrene, David Binion, Colin Edge and Nicole Binion)
  8. Your Kingdom Knows No End (feat. David Binion and Joshua Dufrene)
  9. Closer (feat. Joshua Dufrene and Nicole Binion)
  10. Here Waiting (feat. Nicole Binion)
  11. Not Ashamed (feat. Joshua Dufrene)
  12. First Loved Me (feat. Nicole Binion)
  13. *Bonus Song (digital album): I Am Loved Medley (Oh What Love/ I Love You Lord/ My Jesus I Love Thee/ First Loved Me — feat. David Binion, Israel Houghton and Nicole Binion)

The Covenant Worship team will share their new songs at the church’s annual Covenant Conference to be held in Carrolton, TX June 25-27 ( The team is also planning a summer tour for July and August that includes stops in Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, Texas and Florida.

About Covenant Church:

In 1976, Pastors Mike and Kathy Hayes moved to Dallas, TX, and founded Covenant Church. After more than 30 years, Covenant has grown to become one of the most prominent churches in the Dallas area. Covenant now facilitates four campuses in the Metro area, bringing hearts to salvation and creating leaders in the body of Christ. David and Nicole Binion serve as the senior worship pastors of Covenant and are joined by worship leaders Josh DuFrene and Colin Edge, who are also part of Covenant’s songwriting team. Additional information is available at


We are happy to announce the signing of Belfast, Northern Ireland’s Bluetree and the forthcoming international release of the band’s new album, Worship & Justice.

Led by founder Aaron Boyd, Bluetree is an organic band, drawing from members of local Belfast churches and from friends in local church communities around the world. They are perhaps best known for their passionate pursuit of social justice, working hand-in-hand with local and international ministries to end human trafficking. In fact it was while leading worship on a church missions trip to Pattaya, Thailand, that they penned their most popular song, “God Of This City,” which has been recorded by a variety of artists, most notably Chris Tomlin and the Passion movement. Boyd recalls that as they were playing in Pattaya, he began to spontaneously sing the lyrics of the song, calling out God’s sovereignty in one of the world’s most notorious locations for human trafficking and the sex trade.

The Bluetree team lives out this “worship + music + justice” ethos through serving their families and their local church in Belfast, sharing their musical gifts and mentoring and encouraging others there and abroad. The band’s passion for justice flows out of their worship, a natural extension of the members’ relationships with Christ and the heart of their church.

“Our response to worship is mission and justice, taking all that we have and allowing others who do not have to benefit,” explains Boyd. “We speak for those who cannot speak for themselves and bring injustice from the darkness into the light.”

“I remember the first time I watched Bluetree play at a small festival in Ireland before ‘God Of This City’ had even been heard by the Passion team, and I was blown away by the band’s passion and energy,” said Adrian Thompson, Integrity’s Vice President of A&R. “After being on the sidelines with Bluetree for several years, we are honored that they have chosen to make Integrity their label partner. Their passion to reach the broken – both the oppressed and the oppressors – with the love of Jesus through song and action, is an inspiration and a challenge to the Church.”

The father of two young daughters, Boyd says that much of the Bluetree team’s focus has been on human trafficking and sexual abuse, “exposing the evil, rescuing the victims, and bringing them life as God intends for all of us.” The band works to raise money and support for ministries such as Ratanak International, World Orphans and Christian Freedom International and also provides on-the-ground support, often traveling the globe for mission support in Cambodia, Thailand, Haiti and Burma (Myanmar).

Not surprisingly, many of the band’s songs are inspired by their journey, including “God of This City,” as well as “Jesus Healer,” a song born out of a sermon series and Boyd’s experience as the father of a child with Cystic Fibrosis.

The song “Jesus Healer” along with a cadre of new songs will be featured on the Worship & Justice album set to release August 26.

Additional information on the music and ministry of Bluetree can be found at


We are so excited to announce the re-signing of trailblazing worship leader Lincoln Brewster, building on a 15-year relationship with the California-based musician who helped put a rock spin on modern worship while introducing the genre to contemporary Christian radio.

“I am honored to announce that after 15 years, Integrity Music will continue to serve as the music partner for Lincoln Brewster and his ministry going forward,” said C. Ryan Dunham, President of Integrity Music.  “I have had the privilege of getting to know Lincoln and his wife Laura on a personal level and love their heart, their passion for serving and their dedication to their local church. It is a privilege to come alongside an artist like Lincoln, who has such incredible talent that he is choosing to use for God’s glory.”

Originally signed to the label in the late 90s, Integrity released Brewster’s first album, a self-titled debut in 1999 when modern worship music comprised only a small niche within Christian music before becoming the top-selling genre that it is today. Eight albums later, Brewster has made an indelible impact on modern worship, opening doors at Christian radio for other worship artists with his singles “Everlasting God,” “Let The Praises Ring,” “Love The Lord,” “Today Is The Day,” “Salvation Is Here,” “The Power Of Your Name” and more.

“In 1999, the only worship singles that were getting any significant airplay on Christian radio were songs from the debut SONICFLOOd project and Lincoln Brewster,” says acclaimed radio consultant Chris Hauser.

“I can distinctly remember getting adds for “Take Me Higher,” “The Power of Your Name” (with Jars of Clay’s Dan Haseltine) and even “Lord I Lift Your Name on High,” he continues. “These songs were taking root on radio playlists, opening doors for Lincoln as a ‘sure thing’ for great corporate, vertical songs that fit on radio while also paving the way for Chris Tomlin, Hillsong, the Passion movement records and many others.”

Looking ahead to August, Brewster and Integrity are preparing for a global release of his new album, Oxygen, which is co-produced by Brewster and Colby Wedgeworth and features all new songs penned by Brewster including the project’s first radio single, “Made New.”

“Lincoln is a renowned guitarist, songwriter, artist and worship leader who has produced many great albums and songs,” adds Dunham.  “But with this new album, Oxygen, people are going to experience a whole new Lincoln Brewster.  It’s a new sound with a nod to the past and a bold step forward… I believe it is his best album yet.”

Music has been an integral part of Lincoln Brewster’s life since early childhood when he would “sit in” on rehearsals with his mother as she played with local bands in their hometown of Homer, Alaska. By age five, Brewster was playing the mandolin and by age nine, he had picked up the electric guitar. That love for music took him down a winding road that included a season playing for rocker Steve Perry (Journey) and recording offers from mainstream labels all before he was 21. But Brewster, who had made a commitment to Christ in his late teens, walked away from the promise of rock stardom and instead took a position at his local church as a sound technician.

Years later, Brewster is again playing before thousands, this time leading people in worship at music festivals and concerts across the U.S., and at Bayside Church near Sacramento, California, where he serves as Worship Arts Pastor.  Brewster’s recordings include the albums Real Life, Joy To The World, Today Is The Day, Let The Praises Ring, All To You and Amazed.

Stuart Townend is one of today’s leading worship songwriters. Hymns such as In Christ Alone, How Deep The Father’s Love and The Power Of The Cross are sung in churches around the world, while the skill and depth of his lyric writing has drawn some to compare his contribution to hymnody to that of Watts and Wesley. Aside from writing, Stuart travels around the UK and abroad, leading worship at events such as Keswick and Mission Worship, and performing concerts on his own or with his band. An accomplished musician, arranger and producer, he also has years of experience in teaching and training musicians who serve in local church worship.

Stuart’s latest project is The Paths of Grace, an 11 track studio release featuring a folk sound.

Tracklist includes:

1. Promise of the Ages
2. Oh How Good It Is
3. Good Shepherd of My Soul
4. The Paths of Grace (Diary of an Agnostic)
5. Singing Hallelujah
6. Hymn of the Church
7. There is Grace for Me
8. The Lord’s Prayer
9. An Altar of Remembrance
10. Streets of the City
11. Liturgy of the Hours

To preview songs or purchase on iTunes, please click here.