Art—in any form—is meant to be savored, experienced and relished. David Gungor and John Arndt, known as liturgical band The Brilliance, craft music with this belief in mind, giving listeners time and space to fully soak in the beauty that lies in every lyric and sonic nuance. This is true for their independent projects, including four albums and two EPs, as well as their new full-length album Brother.

It’s an appropriate title, considering the two men have shared a brotherly bond since childhood, tracing their families’ relationship back to the 70s when their fathers played together in a wedding band. And following in their father’s footsteps, David and John have played together in a variety of bands throughout the years, including time spent playing in Gungor, a band fronted by David’s brother, Michael.

Their latest collaboration began a few years back when David, then leading worship at a church in Tulsa, wanted to craft original music written around the liturgical calendar for his congregation. He sent some ideas to John, who was living in Austin at the time. From there, the two began creating and recording under the moniker of The Brilliance. Since then, David, who is now at Trinity Grace Church in New York City, and John, who now resides in Chicago, have been blending a classical aesthetic with traditional pop form to create a sound built on piano and string arrangements that, while comfortingly familiar in many ways, is unique within the space of worship music.

”While all of The Brilliance’s original songs are written from a larger faith perspective, not all ten tracks on Brother are meant to be sung corporately. Some cuts were crafted with reflection in mind.” David offers. “Oftentimes, worship music, in particular within the church, has been something where you tried to get people to be as loud as possible. ‘Stand up with me; sing as loud as you can’—which is great, but I thought about my own life within the context of prayer…learning how to listen to God and not always speak,” David shares. “There’s nothing wrong with that—but sometimes it’s good to have another voice.”

From the opening call of peace and unity on “Brother” to the confessional tone of “Yahweh,” each song leads listeners on a winding road that travels to dark depths full of laments before reaching a hopeful benediction.

The title track was written in response to a trip David took with a group of songwriters to Israel, where he saw firsthand the confusing collision of Jewish, Muslim and Christian cultures—equally an enlightening and disconcerting dichotomy. “We just went to learn stories with no agenda other than open hands and listening ears,”he explains, but back home David had a bout with writer’s block and a longing for peace and justice—a theme that permeates Brother. Confessional cut “Yahweh” emerged six months later when he was finally able to put words to his experience.

“For me, the reason I follow the teaching of Jesus Christ is because it actually brings life and truth, and it transcends certain boundaries,” David maintains. “We love art, and we love the idea of making art within the Christian narrative… We want to push boundaries artistically to inspire the imagination.”For more information on The Brilliance, visit


Her songs are sung weekly by a world choir with Shout to the Lord alone being sung by an estimated 30 million each week. Her songs and recordings have helped produce 16 Gold and Platinum albums. Her books have been translated into 19 languages. Her passion for mentoring worship leaders has fueled and inspired a new generation serving and leading around the world. Her heart for orphans and widows helped launch HOPE:Rwanda and HOPE:Global, now serving thousands of the world’s poorest children.

In Jesus’ Name: A Legacy of Worship and Faith is a celebration of the ministry of Darlene Zschech. This collection contains 14 songs, including Shout To The Lord, The Potter’s Hand, Amazing Grace and In Jesus’ Name. Also included is a new song My Highest Hope, which was written by Darlene during her recent battle with cancer. This album declares that we can have hope and victory In Jesus’ Name!

ASDTourPosterAll Sons & Daughters begin their spring tour with Jamie George & Sandra McCracken on February 8th! Check out the dates below and go to for tickets and more information.

Feb. 8 – Starkville, MS
Feb. 9 – West Monroe, LA
Feb. 10 – Houston, TX
Feb. 11 – San Antonio, TX
Feb. 13 – Addison, TX
Feb. 14 – Shreveport, LA
Feb. 23 – Glendora, CA
Feb. 26 – Redding, CA
Feb. 27 – Gresham, OR
Feb. 28 – Seattle, WA
Mar. 2 – Fresno, CA
Mar. 17 – Charlotte, NC
Mar. 20 – Phoenixville, PA
Mar. 21 – Powhatan, VA
Mar. 23 – Virginia Beach, VA
Apr. 7 – Indianapolis, IN
Apr. 8 – Chicago, IL
Apr. 9 – Grand Haven, MI
Apr. 10 – Grove City, OH
Apr. 20 – Bolivar, MO
Apr. 23 – Lakewood, CO


Integrity Music announces the signing of WorshipMob, the Colorado collective of worship leaders and musicians who have connected with a global audience through 54,000 YouTube  channel subscribers to date and over 9 million views of their impassioned, organically-produced videos.

Founded by Colorado Springs worship leaders Sean Mulholland and Garrett Chynoweth almost four years ago, the group began as a weekly gathering between two local worship teams. Today, the “Mob” represents 30 local churches through 70-80 ministry leaders who meet weekly to worship, pray together and encourage one another. The meetings are also “open to anyone who wants to come soak in the presence of God,” shares Mulholland.

“WorshipMob is fighting for a cultural shift – for each worshiper to fully believe in our Christ-purchased clean identity, live in compassionate unity and experience the resulting profound heart-level freedom,” continues Mulholland. “Our core mission is to share that we are all beloved sons and daughters, and to spend time learning to love our Father back with all our hearts… hopefully encouraging our friends around the world to do likewise.”

From these weekly gatherings, the WorshipMob members have found a support system among their peers that has inspired creativity and a new sense of community among churches.  “We want to encourage creativity, edify through scripture and encourage one another to lead from the heart,” adds Chynoweth.

WorshipMob’s mission is to locally unite worshipers from many diverse churches and denominations to pray together, encourage each other, worship Jesus in spirit and truth and record and produce worship for the world, providing free access to the music. Its mission is also to create a worship movement that unifies the global body of believers to the glory of God.

“We felt God’s leading to create a unifying worship setting that transcends denominational limitations, and to unite the global Body of Christ to collectively experience the deep, intimate, and life-giving relationship that only Jesus provides,” says Mulholland.

Capturing both scripted and unscripted moments of worship, the WorshipMob have posted their video recordings to YouTube, building a global platform and generating 3.7 million minutes of monthly views of their original songs and covers of songs from Jesus Culture, All Sons & Daughters, Hillsong and more. And the WorshipMob model is spreading with local groups gathering in cities throughout the US along with WM startups in Australia, Africa and the Philippines.

For the first time, WorshipMob will share their songs through a full-length album, Carry the Fire, which Integrity will release March 3 as a physical CD and as a digital album and digital “deluxe” album (with bonus videos) through service providers such as iTunes and Amazon. The project will consist of 12 tracks, including some of WorshipMob’s most popular “covers” and original compositions that reflect their heart for unified, creative and passionate expressions of worship.

Additional information on WorshipMob, including links to their videos, can be found at, @worshipmob and, where they have over 31,000 group members.


We are excited to announce that Noel Robinson has signed an artist deal with Integrity Music!

Noel’s first live album recording with Integrity, “Outrageous Love”, will take place on Friday, 13 February at House on the Rock, 49 Tufnell Park Road, London, N7 0PS.

Doors open at 6:30pm and the recording starts at 7pm.

Tickets are only £6 per person and can be purchased here!

Join us in making musical history as we release the sound of this nation out across the world.

BrotherCover_630x410PostIntegrity Music announces the signing of The Brilliance, a US-based liturgical band led by David Gungor and John Arndt, and announces a February 17 global release for the group’s full-length album, Brother.

Known for connecting liturgical tradition and modern worship, The Brilliance previously released four albums – The Brilliance, Cavetime, Advent Volume 1 and Advent Volume 2, along with two EPs, Lent and For Our Children. The duo, backed by a variety of musicians including cellists, violinists and rhythm players, have been sharing their music on the road, in churches and “house shows” including recent Advent and Christmas concerts in California, Texas, Washington, Kansas, Michigan and Washington, D.C.

Their new album, Brother, will release globally the week Lent begins (Feb 18) as both a physical CD available at Christian retail outlets and as a digital album, available through all major digital service providers.

“What I love about The Brilliance is that when they play, the atmosphere changes,” says Adrian Thompson, Integrity’s Vice President of A&R. “They bring the beauty of art into our worship times with a sense of meditation, reflection and joy to create a ‘Selah’ moment in the middle of our cluttered lives. I believe The Brilliance have something important to bring to our worship moments. They cut across denominations, cultures and ages… that is why we are delighted to be able to partner with them.”

Fans who are discovering The Brilliance echo the same, with reviews for previous albums including comments such as: “hauntingly beautiful,” “compelling,” “thought-provoking, lovely” and “a breath of fresh air in modern worship.”

For additional information on The Brilliance, visit To preview the band’s music, visit “Breathe.”


iWorship Now/Next 2015

NowNext2015_IM_Post_630x410The Now/Next 2015 annual collection features the most popular songs being sung in the Church (NOW) plus songs that are destined to be the (NEXT) powerful wave of worship anthems. Today’s most respected worship leaders as well as the songs and voices of tomorrow are included, making this a must-have collection for worship consumers and church leaders.

PaulPottsPostPic_630x410_IMTo mark the centenary of the 1914 Christmas truce, Silent Night Carols events are bringing communities together all over the country this December. Sports fans, school choirs, brass bands and families will gather in football grounds, schools, cathedrals and churches, to sing carols including a specially-‐‐commissioned, contemporary version of Silent Night, with a new verse and chorus.

This new version of Silent Night (Christ The Saviour Is Born) with additional words by writers Ben Cantelon and Nick Herbert, has been recorded by multi-‐‐platinum-‐‐selling tenor Paul Potts. Through the Silent Night Carols and the release of this single, and the Silent Night Carols album, HOPE Together is linking with the charity Tearfund to help bring hope to those affected by the war in Syria, particularly women and children.

“It’s fantastic to be invited to record such an iconic Christmas Carol for such a worthwhile cause.  Silent Night is such an iconic carol and this update to the traditional carol really adds some sparkle.  I hope that people enjoy it as much as I do and it becomes part of their Christmas” says Paul.

Silent Night Carols are inspired by HOPE Together, a national Christian mission movement. The events have the backing of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, who is President of the Football Association and the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Rev Justin Welby.

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge said: “Even in the bleakest of times, Christmas offers peace and hope. This Christmas, the Silent Night carol services are a powerful way to remember the sacrifice made by so many in the Great War and to celebrate the peace we enjoy.”

Most Rev and Rt Hon Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury “On Christmas Day 1914 the guns fell silent on the Western Front as German and British soldiers laid down their weapons, to exchange greetings, play football and  sing  carols. But  they  then  returned  to their  hostilities.  This  Christmas  2014  we  are  invited  to  leave  our defended positions and meet those we might consider to be our enemies, exchange greetings, make peace and sing carols. We do this not because of the actions of those soldiers 100 years ago. But because of the actions of God over 2,000 years ago; as He came to us, at great cost, to bring reconciliation and peace, joy and hope, life and light. And He came to us not just to bring change for one day, but for the whole of our lives.” 

Sports Chaplaincy UK and HOPE Together have planned Silent Night Carols as part of  HOPE’s Greater Love campaign, with the support of all the Christian denominations, military chaplaincies and sports chaplains. Prince Philip Kiril of Prussia will be attending the Silent Night Carols at Crystal Palace on 9th December. The Great, Great Grandson of Kaiser Wilhelm II, the last King of Germany, recently apologised for his forefathers’ failure to stop World War One.

For more information about Silent Night Carols please go to More than 300 events are taking place. They include: Swansea City, 4 Dec / Birmingham City, 7 Dec / Stoke City, 22 Dec / Bolton Wanderers, 8 Dec / AFC Bournemouth, 9 Dec / Ulster RFC, 26 Dec / Crystal Palace, 9 Dec / St Helens RFC, 10 Dec / Hampshire CC, 6 Dec / Bradford Bulls, 10 Dec / Saracens RFC, 11 Dec / Wembley, 9 Dec.

With sales of more than 5 million multi-‐‐platinum records and in excess of 600 concerts in the last 6 years under his belt, Paul Potts recently released his most diverse album ‘Home’, a collection of 15 songs that sees him embracing his love of music of all genres.

SidneyMohedePR2_630x410_IMIntegrity Music is honored to announce the signing of Indonesian worship leader and songwriter Sidney Mohede, representing Mohede’s albums and songs to a global audience with a forthcoming English language album slated for release early next year.

Mohede (pronounced Mo-heed-ee) serves on staff at Jakarta Praise Community Church in Indonesia’s capital city and is known for recording in English, Indonesian and Mandarin, ministering throughout Asia and beyond. With over 380,000 Twitter followers, a 300,000+ Facebook community and millions of YouTube views of his performances and work with JPCC and the ensemble Giving My Best, Mohede is an inspiration to worship leaders and worshippers alike.

“Because Integrity Music is focused on serving the local church on a global scale, we are always looking for those gifted and passionate people serving in their local congregations all over the world,” said C. Ryan Dunham, President of Integrity Music.  “Sidney is doing exactly that… with over 20 years of ministry in Jakarta as a worship leader, songwriter and pastor. We are excited to represent him and eager to see his songs equip local worship leaders around the world.”

Born in Indonesia, Mohede immigrated to the U.S. as a child following his parents’ divorce. At the age of 10, he found himself thrust into a completely different culture, struggling to adapt to his new life as an American kid growing up in southern California. After some rebellious years leading into high school, Mohede accepted Christ at the age of 17, changing his trajectory and launching onto a ministry path that would eventually lead him back to Indonesia.

Today, Mohede and his family reside in his birthplace of Jakarta, where he serves as the Network Pastor for JPCC, a 12,000-member congregation. He also makes time to travel, leading worship and serving as a guest speaker and teacher at conferences and events throughout Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Australia, The Netherlands, the U.K. and U.S.

Mohede has written over 200 songs and recorded numerous projects, including the English language album, The Rescue, which features a co-write and duet with longtime friend Darlene Zschech on the song “It Is Done.” Fans of Israel Houghton may also recognize Mohede, who penned the song “Hosanna (Be Lifted Higher)” featured on Houghton’s GRAMMY Award winning album Love God/Love People. Mohede has also led worship and taught at Houghton’s annual “Deeper” worship conference.

“Words cannot describe how thrilled and honored I am to be a part of the Integrity Music family,” said Mohede. “My primary desire has always been to simply live in His presence, and live out this grace He has given me, whether in my leading worship or in writing worship songs for churches to sing in our nation of Indonesia. I believe worship transcends cultures, geographical and language barriers, and I am grateful for Integrity Music for welcoming me to be a part of what God is doing globally.”

Additional information on Sidney Mohede’s music and ministry can be found at the Jakarta Praise Community Church website, and at

CovenantAwds2_630x410_IMIntegrity Music’s The City Harmonic (“Manifesto,” “A City On A Hill,” “Holy (Wedding Day)”) and Paul Baloche (“Open The Eyes of My Heart,” “Your Name,” “Above All”) were recently honored at the 35th Annual GMA Canada Covenant Awards held in Burlington, Ontario.

During the ceremony, which will be broadcast Saturday evening, Nov. 9 by Crossroads TV, The City Harmonic took home two Covenant Awards in the categories of Group of the Year and Praise and Worship Song of the Year (for “Holy (Wedding Day)”). Previously, the band won a Covenant Award for New Artist of the Year in 2011 and a Covenant in 2012 for Praise And Worship Song. The band was also honored this year with Covenant nominations in the categories of Artist of the Year and Music Video of the Year.

Forming nearly four years ago in their hometown of Hamilton, Ontario, The City Harmonic went from anonymity to widespread acclaim, headlining tours across North America and gathering numerous awards along the way. In addition to the abovementioned honors, the band also received a Dove Award nomination in 2012 for New Artist of the Year and a JUNO Award earlier this year for Contemporary Christian/Gospel Album of the Year for their full length debut project I Have A Dream (It Feels Like Home). They are currently touring in support of their new, critically acclaimed album, Heart, with special guests Shawn McDonald and The Royal Royal. The City Harmonic will share songs from Heart during a Crossroads TV special set to air immediately after the Covenant Awards broadcast Saturday evening. (See for additional information including tour details and news updates.)

Paul Baloche, a three-time Dove Award winning worship leader and songwriter, took home his first ever Covenant Award, winning International Album for his French language project Glorieux (Glorious). Glorieux is the second French project from Baloche whose discography includes The Same Love, A Greater Song, Our God Saves and his latest, Christmas Worship. Baloche also co-wrote this year’s Covenant Award winning Modern Worship Song “More Than Enough.”

In addition to writing, recording and his role as worship pastor at his home church in Lindale, Texas, Baloche has created a variety of teaching resources designed specifically for worship leaders and musicians. He has also written the books, The Same Love: A Devotion (David C Cook) and God Songs –How to Write and Select Songs for Worship and is a contributing writer for both Worship Leader and Worship Musician magazines as well as a featured blogger for (See for more information and free resources.)

Integrity Music’s artists/songwriters Ben Cantelon and All Sons & Daughters were also honored last evening as nominees. Cantelon received a nomination in the category of Modern Worship Song of the Year for “Saviour of the World” from his album Everything In Color, which last year won a Covenant for Modern Worship Album. Cantelon, who is a Vancouver native, currently resides in London where he serves as a leader/writer for Worship Central.(Additional information can be found at

Receiving their first Covenant Award nomination, All Sons & Daughters, were honored in the category of International Album for their new CD/DVD titled Live, which also received two Dove Award nominations for Praise and Worship Album and Long Form Video. The worship duo, composed of David Leonard and Leslie Jordan, are based out of Journey Church in Franklin, Tennessee. (Additional information is available at