Sheldon Bangera


Sheldon BangeraMost things in life are musical for this 24 year-young musician who believes “God has given life to man to humble him.” He says, “It is amazing to see so much around and yet see unamazed people”. Sheldon was raised up in the amusing city of Mumbai where life is beautifully contrasted with ironies. Music is a splendid phenomenon that God gifted him with. Growing up listening to various pop and rock artists, he has loved playing and writing his own songs. Life took a steep turn for this aspiring musician when while driven by despair and frustration, God found him on the 7th of August 2004. Sheldon decided to offer all he had to Jesus who died for him. He says, “It is a tit for tat deal. He gave me everything. I give him everything, although my everything is nowhere compared to His.”

He now writes songs that inspire people to worship God and think about some of life’s truths. He also loves to share by preaching and telling the churched and the unchurched about the depths of the deal of salvation God has to offer in Jesus Christ “which causes us to take off our eyes from us and look to Him”. He has been consistently writing new songs of God’s love and grace with close to two albums of diary material tucked up in the bookshelves. “When you are soaked, others will get the droplets”,he smilingly exclaims.

“My joy is when someone can listen to a song and turn to God, although the choosing is what I can’t do for them”, says Sheldon. The band and he play at concerts and minister at church worship gatherings. “If you look at Jesus as religion, you’ve lost it,” he tells us